45% turnout in Bawana by-poll, rain plays spoilsport

An EVM and 17 VVPAT devices malfunctioned and had to be replaced; Participation in the electoral district in 2015, the Assembly elections were 61.83%

The partial Bawana Assembly constituency election on Wednesday was marked by low attendance, with 45% of registered voters voting for a ballot on the rainy day.

The polls opened at 8 am in the 67-office constituency elections, which became vacant after Aam Aadmi member Ved Prakash resigned and joined the BJP in March.

Up to 1 pm, attendance was 27.31%, according to the office of the Director General of Elections Delhi, Chandra Bhushan Kumar.

At 5 pm, participation had reached 40%, reaching 45% of the 2.94 lakh registered in the elections closed at 6 am. In the elections of the assembly of 2015, the participation was of the 61,83%.

“No adverse events”

According to the general director, five voting units and five units of electronic voting units control and 34 verification units verification paper (VVPAT) were replaced during mock elections before the official opening of the office ballot.

“No untoward incident took place during the elections,” said the CEO, adding that the voting unit, a control unit of an EVM and VVPAT 17, who were deployed in 100% of the polls for the first time were Replaced during the election due to “Error Reports”.

This time, M. Prakash I played at the BJP ticket, three times the deputy speaker of parliament, Surender Kumar, the decision of his party and former Bahujan Samaj Party candidate, Ramachandra, he fought as a candidate AAP remained.

In total, eight candidates for the murder will find the results on August 28, when the votes will be counted.

Vote for Development

While the rain played in spoilsport, those who came to vote in the village of Pooth Khurd of Bawana have had development in their minds.

For Mangey Ram, the partial election was more about Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal than the individual candidates.

“Because of Mr. Kejriwal, we have clean drinking water and better compensation for our land,” he said.

Others, however, recalled Mr. Kumar’s 15-year term, saying that sewers and water pipes were placed when he was a member of parliament.

“All we have here is for Mr. Kumar. M. Prakash was nowhere, while Surender was there when the public called or if there was a death or a party,” said Nirmala, another resident of the village.

In the urban areas of the district, including 23 Rohini Sector, residents said that one of the issues that had not been addressed was the state of the highways, which shows large nests of wells around the voting office.

Meanwhile, Daljeet Singh, a resident of Colonia Sardar, said he still had to go to neighboring settlements to get water. “Even today we do not have potable water and sewerage in our colony, none of the governments have been able to provide basic infrastructure,” he said.

45% turnout in Bawana by-poll, rain plays spoilsport

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