China issues fresh advisory warning of ‘safety, disasters, diseases’ in India

China on Thursday issued a new junta to its citizens living in India, warning them against various security risks, due to Beijing’s continuity to Delhi during the two-month Doklam period near the India-China-Bhutan trijunction.

This is Beijing’s second recommendation from Beijing, and it is stronger than the July 8 warning. It was a month’s notice, valid until August 7, which called on citizens to pay attention to their safety.

The Board of Directors of August 24 is valid until 31 December 2017 and lists a number of new “security threats” allegedly against Chinese-based Chinese citizens in India and ask them to reduce “unnecessary travel.”

Interestingly, the council said: “There have often been natural disasters, traffic accidents and infectious diseases in India.”
He also said there were “several cases of Chinese citizens who could not leave India because of the expiration of their visa.”

“The Embassy reminds all Chinese citizens in India to take care of previous situations to secure their own trip abroad,” said the council, which was published by the Chinese Embassy and broadly transmitted by the Chinese media.

Like the previous warning, it also called on Chinese citizens to “pay special attention to the local security situation, raise awareness of self-protection, strengthen security, reduce unnecessary travel,” among other measures.
He also called for “strict compliance with the laws and regulations of India” and “respect for local religious practices and customs”.

The second opinion since the end of June 16, continues ahead of the BRICS summit on 3 September in Xiamen, southern China, to which Prime Minister Modi must attend.

China’s Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that it believed the summit would “allow it to expand cooperation to new heights,” and insisted on Doklam’s departure, saying that “unconditional withdrawal of all staff and equipment from intruders is the prerequisite and The settlement base. “

China issues fresh advisory warning of ‘safety, disasters, diseases’ in India

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