Gorakhpur deaths: UP CM Adityanath orders criminal action against hospital, gas firm

Uttar Pradesh Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday presented a criminal case against the former director of Baba Raghav Das Medical School Rajeev Mishra and the private agency supplying Pushpa’s liquid oxygen sales for the deaths of children on 10 and The 11 of August.

Criminal measures would also be taken against Dr. Satish, the head of the oxygen supply and the anesthesia detention center and Dr. Kafeel Khan, AES’s 100-bed nodal department at Gorakhpur Hospital where 30 children died on 10 And 11 were caused by an interruption in oxygen supply.

However, the government has regularly denied that the deaths were caused by disruption of oxygen supply.

A RIS should be filed against the accused physicians, the hospital staff, and the company that supplies oxygen.

“Gorakhpur Incident”

Mr. Adityanath issued the instructions after reviewing the recommendations of the four-member committee under the chairmanship of Secretary-General Rajeev Kumar who submitted his report on 20 August.

Although the contents of the HLT probe were not made public, the Office of the Chief Minister issued an action note on the report.

According to a government statement, the inquiry committee recommends a criminal case against M. Mishra, Dr. Kafeel, Dr. Kumar and Pushpa Sales Private Limited.

The Government notes, however, that it is silent on the specific reasons for the appeal of the criminal action and did not mention the death of children, simply calling it “Gorakhpur incident.” Nor does it specify whether the deaths were caused due to disruption of oxygen supply or other reasons.

Disciplinary measures

The committee also recommended measures against M. Mishra, his wife, Dr. Poornima Shukla, chief pharmaceutical Gajanan Jaiswal and hospital accountants under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Homoeopathic doctor, Dr. Shukla has been charged with interference in the hospital administration and surgical equipment research purchase fee.

Disciplinary measures would be more against Mr. Khan, M. Kumar, M. Jaiswal, M. Mishra and other staff members for irresponsible behavior, loss of work and work against staff behavior rules .

Dr. Khan, who was suspended for reasons of private practice, will face other criminal acts after the probe has found that he concealed the facts in his affidavit filed before the chief physician of Gorakhpur and violated the rules of the Medical Council of India.

Mr. Adityanath also ordered that a special audit was carried out by the CAG on the supply of medicines and chemicals in the hospital during the last three years.

Mr. Adityanath directed that strict measures be taken immediately against those responsible and staff guilty and “not be free at all costs,” the government said.

Bureaucratic probe

Under fire from the death of children allegedly due to an interruption in the oxygen supply by non-payment of contributions, Adityanath government called bureaucratic probe under chief secretary Rajeev Kumar.

Gorakhpur deaths: UP CM Adityanath orders criminal action against hospital, gas firm

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