No credit card, no payment in PR deal, Manish Sisodia gets CBI knock

The basis of the case was related to the “Talking with the AK” campaign, for which a CBI team “visited” at the official residence of Delhi, Chief Minister Manish Sisodia Friday as part of a preliminary investigation resides in a very unusual : The AAP government does not credit card. The sources told The Indian Express that it was why the government had asked Public Relations Perfect Relations firm last year to pay for social media platforms like Facebook, Google and YouTube for the interactive advertising campaign with Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.
Sources said that Perfect Relations has been chosen as a press advisor in June 2016 after the Information and Advertising Ministry (DIP) launched a tender in February. The cost of hiring the band’s signature was dismissed Rs dipping assignment of 200 million rupees in the 2016-17 budget. Contract of the company was for a period of one year, from July 1, 2016 and June 30, 2017.
According to government officials, the public relations firm still has to pay for its services, including the “Speak with AK” campaign. That said, it is because the files related to the alleged irregularities in the promotion of the campaign were first delivered by former L-G Najeeb Jung and are with the current L-G Anil Baijal.
This month, Perfect Relations has sent the government a legal notice that requires “delinquency” in the amount of Rs 2,33,26,973 on March 31, 2017. As a result, authorities said that the cost of advertising in the media Was accumulated around Rs 98 lakh. Perfect relationships refused to comment on the case.
\ ?? “The government does not have a credit card and can not pay directly to companies like Google or YouTube.These are the massive monopolies.It was therefore decided that the perfect relationships, which were already working for the government, would receive a work order Independent, without giving them extra money, “a spokesman for the Delhi government said.
Last July, the work order was issued by DIP to “launch an advertising campaign in digital media, ie Google, Youtube and Facebook.” Perfect relationships has been chosen from the six candidates awarded them the tender and, according to the same sources. The reason given for the immersion during the pursuit of the Finance Department’s agreement for its decision was that the work would imply a “single source selection” for those without a mandate, according to the sources. The detailed cost was initially estimated at about Rs 1.58 crore and later revised to Rs 1.05 crore.
The government said three conditions under which the work was awarded. First, they give perfect relationships “a company” that the fees that are charged are “non-negotiable” and “lowest possible” not “reduction or concession or commission.” Secondly, “no law … for the execution of the mission” will be paid beyond the original agreement. Finally, there would be no “advance payment”.
“We were told that the company (Perfect Relationships) will pay them the cost of advertising on Facebook, Google and YouTube.” We will not pay anything else. “Also, when talking about single source DIP selection, we will give The competing bid in a “Facebook contest that has a competitor or YouTube?” Said the Delhi spokesman.
The written commitment to do the work was given by Perfect July 13 Relationships, 2016, four days before the event. However, sources said, Dharmendra Sharma, an officer of the 1988 NIC, who became the Chief Secretary of Delhi (Finance) in June 2016 after being transferred to Arunachal Pradesh, opposed the hiring of Perfect Relations. In particular, he cited a “conflict of interest … where the consultant has a voluntary and unethical way of becoming the beneficiary of his or her own advice regarding selection and business / potential financial implications.”
Sharma was transferred to Goa on October 1, where he is the chief of secretary.
\ ?? “In a case like this, the issue of selection does not come in. There is no option for Google Hangout Live and Facebook.The subject was referred to the Cabinet and payment was released on September 2 Of 2016, “the spokesman said. Sharma did not respond to requests from The Indian Express that require comment.
Talking with the AK, released on July 17 last year, was designed as an interactive session with Kejriwal that would take people’s questions through social networks, phone calls and text messages. Released before

No credit card, no payment in PR deal, Manish Sisodia gets CBI knock

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