About Blue Whale Challenge

Blue Whale Challenge is a music game developed by Sports And Trivia Games. The latest version of Blue Whale Challenge is 1. It was launched. You can download Blue Whale Challenge 1 directly from http://bluewhaleapk.com/. More than 831 users rated this destination 0 out of 5 on Blue Whale Challenge. More than 5 player Blue Whale Challenge at the moment. Come join them and download Blue Whale Challenge directly!

Here’s the new challenge, the Blue Whale game, you only have 50 days to complete all the tasks you should start now! The Blue Whale application has a challenge inside, you have to complete all the tasks, one a day, do not miss anything. The application has a game inside that you have to complete to unlock the daily tasks, to finish the game, you just have to score 100 points. Tasks are fun and free stuff with your friends and family, at the end of the 50 days we are sure you will be happier and confident in yourself. This game does not endure any negative behavior of any kind whatsoever, we firmly believe that life is something valuable and that we should enjoy for it.


What is Blue Whale?

It’s a game !!! It is a Russian game created or created by Philipp Budeikin. The game of blue whale is launched in Russia in 2013. Blue whale game known in many languages as “Waked at 4:20 am,” F 57 “and many more In this game, the player must complete 50 given tasks by the administrator of this game. After completing the 49 tasks, the 50th task is to kill you.

How does Blue Whale work?

This game works by chatting with the administrator and the player for an example if you play the Blue Whale game, then the administrator will contact you in the chat application like WhatsApp, Facebook or Messenger. It will give you 50 tasks per task (1 task per day) and I would give myself a proof of this task.If you want to know more about the Blue whale game, You can play it by downloading the Blue whale Game Apk from various websites. It is free for use and It is not available on Play store so you need the apkĀ file of Blue whale Game.

Learn more about Blue Whale Admin

As you know, friends are from Russia and is called Philipp Budeikin. He is 21 years old. He was a student of psychology who was expelled from his university where he studied. In doing this game, he says: “I want to clean this biological waste society.” He is currently in the Russian jail for 3 years.


What is Blue whale Challenge Game ? How to get Blue whale Challenge Game APK for free

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